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According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, part of the National Institutes of Health reported, "Alcohol use disorders effect about 18 million people in the U.S." Chronic alcohol consumption leads to a shift in how the brain adapts to complex decision-making situations. If you need Cincinnati alcoholism treatment, there are many qualified rehab centers that can help. You'll quickly discover you are not alone with your alcohol addiction. Because drinking alcohol is considered socially acceptable, many people have not acknowledged they have a drinking problem. Continued alcohol use causes problems with impulse control and the alcoholic's prefrontal cortex alters decision-making and controlling emotions. Chronic drinking is life threatening but recovery is possible. Call (513) 297-3331 today to find out how to begin your rehabilitation journey.

Learn How to Overcome Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is a chronic compulsive disorder caused by the brain's reaction to the toxins. The user is compelled to keep drinking to bring back the feeling first experienced. When you start your recovery at Cincinnati Alcoholism Treatment Facilities, you'll go through a process of steps. After alcohol detox, you'll begin therapy treatment, which will include behavior modification. Because drinking is socially acceptable, it is highly likely you cannot avoid every single event which may include drinking, so you need to learn how to modify your behavior so you do not take a step back in your recovery. For example:

  • If your employer has a company event and there is alcohol, you have to learn how to say no and not weaken from the temptation. Behavior therapy will help you find alternatives to choosing to drink, maybe you'll carry a glass of water with you the entire time and freshen it up, sip the water frequently.
  • You will also learn how to say no to situations which you can truly avoid, whereas with a work event you may be required to attend. Avoid stopping at the bar on your way home from work or your neighbor's cookout which includes more beer drinking than eating.

Alcohol recovery will also teach you how to avoid stressors and find a sober buddy, someone who truly understands your alcohol addiction and is nonjudgmental. Since 18 million people are effected by alcohol consumption, you should be able to easily find a confidant to help you when tempted. Call (513) 297-3331 today.

Alcoholism Treatment in Cincinnati is Your Best Option

Now that you have a better understanding of alcohol addiction, you are ready to find information about facilities where you can begin your Alcoholism Treatment. For information on rehabilitation facilities that offer alcoholism treatment in Cincinnati, call (513) 297-3331. You'll learn how to find rehab centers where you can learn how to live alcohol free, to trust yourself and to share your story with others working on their own recovery. You'll quickly realize other's stories will sound familiar as if they knew you already.

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