Drug Addiction in Cincinnati Schools can be Prevented by Random Tests

Drug addiction won't be tolerated at one Cincinnati school any longer. Students at New Richmond High School who are athletes or participate in extracurricular activities will be subjected to random drug testing during the 2015-16 school year. District Superintendent Adam Bird said this new policy will persuade students to resist peer pressure regarding drugs and alcohol. A third-party laboratory will check for substances like methamphetamines, nicotine and marijuana. If students are found positive for drug use, they will be suspended or expelled.

During a drug addiction, the human body, including the brain, goes through a chemical change, which causes the body to crave the substance of choice in order to keep the new chemical imbalance that has been created. This is why the body goes through an uncomfortable, and sometimes, painful phase of withdrawal when the addict is attempting to quit.

Drug addiction rehab facilities in Cincinnati Ohio help people struggling with substance abuse.


Signs and Symptoms of Drug Addiction

The signs and symptoms of chemical dependency differ with the drug of choice, the individual's personality type and their environment; however, there are some signs that are rather common, including:

  • The person feeling a strong urge that pulls them toward using the drug, even when they know that it will produce negative repercussions.

    • The need to increase the dosage as they chase that illusive original high

    • Borrowing or stealing money to purchase drugs

    • A significant, unexplained change in behavior and schedule

    • Highly irritable for no apparent reason

    • Problems at school that are not common for the individual

    • A lack of interest in their appearance

There are many more signs, but the basic theme is to recognize when the person is acting out of character without there being an explanation.

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