Marijuana Treatment in Cincinnati

Marijuana treatment in Cincinnati is beneficial to people who are dependent on the drug. The scope of marijuana use in America is estimated by the National Institute of Drug Abuse to around 19.8 million people that have used it in the past month. While marijuana dependence may be rare, it is still a reality. As the perceived dangers of using marijuana go down, the use increases including marijuana dependence cases.

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What Is Marijuana?

Flowers and leaves of the hemp plant are dried to make what is known as marijuana. There is a vast amount of street names for marijuana including "bud," "ganja," "Mary Jane," "grass," "pot," and "weed." Once the mixture is dried, it usually turns into a greenish-gray color with a strong aroma. It is commonly smoked in hand-rolled cigarettes, pipes and bongs leading to an instant high which adds to the risk of marijuana dependence. It is also used in teas and combined into various foods.

Marijuana Addiction or Dependence?

When a person becomes addicted to marijuana it means that they feel the need to use the drug in order to gain a sense of normalcy. Medically, if a person has three of the following symptoms in a year period then they are considered to be dependent:

  • The abuse of the drug carries on even when the person knows it's bad for them
  • Foregoing other activities that use to be fun in order to take more cannabis
  • A large amount of time is dedicated to the acquisition and use of marijuana
  • Unsuccessful attempts at stopping or slowing down
  • Withdrawal symptoms occur when use stops including insomnia, irritability and depression
  • A tolerance has developed due to heavy, extended use

Treatment Options for Marijuana Addictions

Addiction to marijuana seems to share similarities to other substance addictions even though the long-term effects may be less severe. The best Cincinnati addiction treatment options include motivational enhancement therapy which doesn't treat the patient but rather rapidly increases their motivation for change and contingency management which rewards positive behavior in order to motivate change. Narcotics Anonymous ( helps addicts determine what made them start smoking marijuana in the first place. Cincinnati drug detox centers can help you achieve lasting sobriety. Call (877) 804-1531 today for help deciding which treatment option best fits your recovery needs.

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