Drug Treatment Centers in Cincinnati Clarifies Prescription Drug Addiction, OH

When an individual takes a prescription drugs in doses other than prescribed, it is considered drug abuse. Rehab facilities that treat prescription drug addiction in Cincinnati can help individuals who are using medication inappropriately. The medications that are misused are generally prescribed to treat:

  • Attention deficit disorders
  • Depression
  • Pain management

Marijuana is the only drug with more users than those individuals who abuse prescription drugs. The National Institute on Drug Abuse, "estimates 52 million people have prescription drugs for non-medical reasons at least once in their lifetime." To mitigate addiction risk for patients dealing with chronic pain, risk factors are taken into consideration by the physician:

  • History of mental illness
  • Family history of addiction

Researches are exploring alternative medications that can lower the level of pain and have less abuse potential. Call (513) 297-3331 if you need to find drug addiction treatment centers in Cincinnati that can help you overcome a problem with prescription drug abuse.


Understanding Prescription Drug Addiction

As a part of the recovery process for Prescription Drug Addiction, the patient will learn the adverse effects of prescription drug abuse, which breakdowns the central nervous system. The most common medications abused are: Valium and Xanax, which treat acute stress and anxiety. For sleep disorders, Ambien and Lunesta are the most common prescribed medications. All of these medications when taken more than the prescribed dosage inhibit brain activity. Entering a rehab center is the best solution if you have a problem with prescription medication.

Why Prescription Drug Addiction is Dangerous

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, "The number of overdose deaths from prescription opioids outnumbered deaths caused by heroin and cocaine combined." People might believe there shouldn't be a problem with taking prescription medication because a physician prescribed the medication, but there are problems with this frame of thinking:

If the medication is taken other than as prescribed by the physician, the patient may not understand the side-effects of the drug, especially if more than the prescribed amount is taken

People take other people's medication, such as elderly relatives, again not understanding the side-effects

Patients see a pain management doctor then sell the prescription to someone else, which is both illegal and dangerous

When taking more than the amount the doctor recommends, the feelings of euphoria become so great, the user likes it too much and will continue craving more and more each time. Higher dosages will cause health risks including psychosis and cardiovascular problems. Professionals who treat people for Prescription Drug Addiction in Cincinnati understand the effects of prescription drug abuse.

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