Vicodin Detox Fast Facts

Here Are 3 Things to Know About Vicodin Detox

If you or a loved one are struggling with an addiction to Vicodin, you're not alone. Millions of Americans struggle with these issues every year, but there is an answer: Vicodin detox. Here are some fast facts about Vicodin detox and how it can help anyone recover from a Vicodin addiction.

  • Withdrawal symptoms for Vicodin can be uncomfortable and even painful.

Vicodin withdrawal symptoms are similar to the withdrawal symptoms from other opioid drugs. Other opioid-based pain medications are all related to Vicodin because they all are derived from opium, which comes from the Asian poppy plant. Withdrawal symptoms from opioid-based pain killers are also linked to heroin because heroin comes from opium as well.

Withdrawal symptoms for this drug can be painful, and they are often uncomfortable. They include the following

- Changes in appetite such as intense cravings for Vicodin alone and a reduced sense of hunger for regular food

- Sleep problems such as insomnia, severe exhaustion, and overall restlessness

- Physical symptoms, such as enlarged pupils, vomiting, stomach pain, nausea, headaches, tremors, sweating, excessive salivation, diarrhea, goosebumps, muscle aches, rapid breathing, and shivering.

  • Trying to detox from Vicodin alone can be dangerous.

It is never advised to detox from Vicodin alone. As you can see, the withdrawal symptoms associated with this drug are seriously dangerous to your health, and you need to be under the supervision of a medical professional in order to properly go through detox.

  • Vicodin detox at a professional Vicodin detox center can take care of withdrawal symptoms for Vicodin.

We know that Vicodin withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable and painful, but fortunately, that pain and discomfort can be taken away completely or at least reduced. Again, you should never detox alone, but with the help of a medical team at a professional detox center, withdrawal can be much less painful.

A medical team with years of experience with detoxification will monitor your vital signs and keep you comfortable and safe while you go through withdrawal. In some cases, non-addictive drugs will be administered in order to quell some of the withdrawal symptoms you may be experiencing.

  • Vicodin detox is just the first phase of Vicodin treatment.

Attending a professional detoxification treatment program is a wonderful start to your path to sobriety. However, it is just the beginning. Once detoxification has come to an end, you will begin the real work. This involves intense therapy and counseling with professional addiction therapists and counselors. In some cases, family counseling may be available, and group therapy is always helpful in an addiction treatment setting.

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